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Wave Accounting

Wave is very similar to FreshBooks, another user-friendly and modern accounting software. It also competes with Xero and QuickBooks, though it’s less nuanced than those tools. Unfortunately, it’s notably difficult to get in touch with Wave’s customer support team. There is a live chat widget with a chatbot within each account, which can be helpful for basic questions.

  • You can also sign up for Wave Payments to get paid from an invoice.
  • As we mentioned, the core Wave accounting software is completely free and you can easily sign up for an account on their website, no credit card required.
  • Wave’s easy-to-use accounting software can connect your bank accounts, sync your expenses, balance your books, and get you ready for tax time.
  • If you need to print dozens of checks, you’ll prefer QuickBooks Online to Wave.
  • Wave will process the uploaded receipts to extract information.
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As previously mentioned, Wave offers an optional Payroll app that provides integrated payroll services to customers in eight states . For these eight states, Wave will transfer the appropriate tax payments and file all tax forms. Small-business accounting software does have its limitations. It doesn’t have the option to upgrade to a higher-tier plan with additional features, making it ill-suited for larger and fast-growing businesses. Wave Accounting is an ideal choice for small-business owners looking for free software.

Wave Invoicing allows you to create invoices and accept payments. It displays lists of existing Unpaid, Draft, and All invoices. You can send reminders and edit or re-send the original invoice. Wave added a feature a couple of years ago called Instant Payouts that allows you to receive the funds from customer payments much quicker.

Limited Customer Service

Wave is quite a capable service, but there’s no comprehensive mobile solution. Its apps, for Android and Apple mobile devices, provide only abbreviated elements of its numerous features.

Give your customers the option of paying with one click using a credit card, bank transfer, or Apple Pay. While there may be plenty to like about Wave Accounting, one of the major drawbacks is that the software isn’t specifically designed for rental property owners. That’s one reason why many landlords set up a free account with Stessa to keep track of rental property financial performance. Granted, this may not be an issue for an investor with one rental property. But it can be difficult to scale up with Wave as a real estate business grows. While financial reports can be generated for each rental property, Wave can not consolidate financial activity on a portfolio level.

Need To Compare Software Solutions?

If fixed assets are a big part of your business, consider QuickBooks Accountant Desktop, one of the few general bookkeeping programs with a comprehensive fixed asset manager. Similar to the “inventory” feature seen in other accounting software, such as Sage or Xero , Wave has a “products and services” page where you can record everything you buy or sell. That said, this feature is more like an item list, as it only keeps track of product names and prices. Wave is easy to use, even for people who are unfamiliar with accounting or bookkeeping.

  • Some expand on the sites’ existing capabilities, while others add functionality that the site doesn’t have.
  • For healthcare providers to increase control over their finances with minimal time investment.
  • Offers a wide range of free invoice features and a high level of customization to make it easy to manage business payments.
  • There is a live chat widget with a chatbot within each account, which can be helpful for basic questions.
  • And with free accounting and invoicing tools and totally affordable payroll, getting organized has never been more affordable.
  • We have responded to your question via email, together with a generous free trial extension offer.

After creating your account, everything’s set up so you can get started right away. Your data is always available, and it’s backed up for extra peace of mind. The transactions will appear in your bookkeeping automatically, and you can say goodbye to manual receipt entry. Have an eye on the big picture so you can make better business decisions. Our robust reports are easy to use and show month-to-month or year-to-year comparisons so you can easily identify cash flow trends. When everything is neatly where it belongs, tax time is simple.


Customers can submit a support ticket over email if they can’t get an answer with the chatbot. Wave allows you to add customer contact information manually or to import your list of contacts from Google Contacts and via CSV file. The customers’ names, phone numbers, saved forms of payment, and overdue balances will be displayed in a list view, allowing you to easily check if your customers owe your business anything. Customers we interviewed were extremely pleased with how approachable the tool is given its low cost and ease of use. Cole Torres, the owner of Local Eye Media, noted that Wave is particularly advantageous for companies that provide services rather than products. Also, Wave Accounting only offers self-serve customer support. If you have a question or issue, you can browse the help center or reach out to Mave, the automated chatbot.

Wave Accounting

However, most people already use a payroll software so that they don’t have to worry about filing reports and making payments and deposits, so this may not be https://www.bookstime.com/ an issue for you. Compensation may impact the order of which offers appear on page, but our editorial opinions and ratings are not influenced by compensation.

Intuit Quickbooks Self

Customers we interviewed were extremely pleased with the tool, especially given the value it offers for free. However, we did note that the customer support team is hard to get in touch with, and Wave’s chatbot can be frustrating to deal with.

Wave Accounting

Financial statements, a sales tax report, customer report, and an aged receivables report are also available, as is an aged payables report and account balances report. A reconciliation feature is also included in Wave, with a brief tutorial provided. Your chart of accounts is also easily accessible, so you can add a new account, change the name of any account, or edit the default chart of accounts. You can also sign up for Wave Payments to get paid from an invoice. Unfortunately, Wave is not geared towards accepting a check as payment, so there are some extra steps involved when recording a payment that is not made by credit card. Wave includes custom invoice creation, so you can add your business logo and accent colors to any invoice.

Wave Customer Support

This table’s columns display each transaction’s date, description , amount, category (which you can edit if Wave has incorrectly assigned a transaction or didn’t guess), and amount. To the right of each is a check mark, which you click to verify that the transaction is complete and correct. Wave Accounting offers support via business hours and online.

  • By choosing Akaunting, you’ll be able to create custom invoices and manage transactions from numerous companies, all from a single admin panel.
  • The software facilitates double-entry bookkeeping and gives unlimited user access to records and reports.
  • Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us.
  • Wave is a fantastic freemium accounting software tool that’s ideal for freelancers and small businesses.
  • FreshBooks offers you time tracking, expense tracking, payments, reports and so much more.

Because it’s open-source new features are added regularly and any bugs fixed quickly, thanks to the worldwide developer community. Not only that, but it’s available in multiple languages and currencies, allowing you to easily stay on top of your cash flow wherever you are in the world. ‘ User Satisfaction Rating of 87% when considering 1304 user reviews from 4 recognized software review sites. Wave Payroll Wave Accounting is designed to save you time and improve your payroll effectiveness. Wave Payroll is cheaper than many other paid payroll add-ons for competitors like QuickBooks, but still has its limitations. Expense management software that helps to simplify and streamline your expenses. For accounting firms to streamline the spend and expense management of your clients making life easier for you and them.

Its onsite guidance includes an excellent interactive support bot that lets you ask questions and helps you narrow down your queries. Accounting software with all the time-saving tools that allow you to focus on your business. Its payroll services are available exclusively to businesses in Canada and the U.S. To simplify your cloud-based accounting, launch ZipBooks’ time tracker and start and stop time as you do your work. Or, if it’s more convenient, you can also enter your time manually.

Wave Accounting

They both offer unique blends of features, flexibility, and usability. The user experience you get from FreshBooks is superior to that of its competitors, which is so important when you’re trying to manage your finances.

Sync Orders And Payouts

Additionally, the higher-level plans of QuickBooks Online can give you the ability to manage bills, track time, inventory, and project profitability, and more. After all, every business has different financials and needs different capabilities from their accounting platform. Plus, if you do have any issues, you can utilize the various support tools Wave offers.

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That means an investor has to jump back and forth between companies to understand how an entire portfolio is performing. Connects an unlimited number of bank and credit card accounts. TenantCloud combine rental property accounting with a full suite of tools a landlord can use to manage rental property. Wave offers especially flexible date options for recurring invoices.


You can also talk to other business owners about tips or questions you may have through the Community forum on Wave’s website. Receive credit card payments within two business days and bank payments in two to seven business days. No additional plans to increase functionality (e.g., time tracking, inventory management). We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. Accepts online payment via credit card and ACH bank payments.

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