Barbershops in Kyiv

Barbershops in Kyiv

A visit to a Kyiv barbershop can be a positive experience. You’ll not only receive a great haircut but the staff will be welcoming. A majority

of them have been working in the salon for many years and have lots of knowledge about the beauty industry. They also offer tips on how to look your best.


Aldobarbers Kyiv is an all-service barbershop that is located in the center of Kyiv. With only a couple of female employees, Aldobarbers boasts of having the top barbers in the business. Its opening hours are quite flexible. In the week, Aldobarbers is open for business from Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 10 pm and on weekends from 9 am until 9 midnight. The staff at Aldobarbers is polite and friendly and they spend the time to listen to your hair and scalp requirements.

Aldobarbers Kyiv offers a range of other services, but their unique skincare and hair program is one of its best. They are proud of their work, and you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

The Aldobarbers in Kyiv is a great spot to find a great haircut , and get your hair styled. Their motto is “Your hair is a reflection of the person you are, so you should always look your best!” Since 2014, the Aldobarbers of Kyiv have been in Kyiv. This is a great location to get a haircut since they are situated right in the middle of the city. You can be sure that your hair will be in good hands.

They’re also a great spot to get information on the latest hair products and hair care products. The staff here will supply you with all the tools you require to do your own hair and skin care. The staff here is a highly knowledgeable group of barbers , and you can learn lots by asking questions. Their products for hair care are some of the best in the market.


BRAZOR barbershop Kyiv is among the most popular barbershops in Ukraine. It provides professional haircuts and a wide variety of services. There are four locations of the shop in Kyiv.

The staff at BRAZOR Kyiv is fluent in English. You can also play free video games and TV while you get your haircut.

The BRAZOR barbershop in Kyiv provides shaving and trimming of beards. It is suggested to bring a photo of your desired haircut before your appointment.

The barbers at BRAZOR are friendly and professional. They also employ cutting-edge methods to give you the style you’re looking for.

Brazor barbershop Kyiv is a great place to visit if looking for a great haircut and to meet other males. You can also watch sports games on TV

. You can also play console games on BRAZOR.

There are a variety of great deals and discounts at BRAZOR barbershop Kyiv. You can also purchase gold or bronze cards. These cards are great for regular customers. They permit you to receive discounted haircuts.

You can get a fabulous haircut, and also enjoy the atmosphere of whiskey. You can play games and mind games in the barbershop. These are a great way for you to pass your time.

The experienced and professional barbers at BRAZOR salon Kyiv have years of experience. They take note of every aspect. You won’t get this unique service at any other barbershop. BRAZOR salon Kyiv also has a great team that pays close attention to each haircut.

The barbershop culture in Ukraine has grown significantly in the past few years. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the barbershop culture.


No matter if you’re traveling to Kiev for business or pleasure, Daboroda Barbershop is a ideal place to get your hair done. It offers a discrete service, free Wi-Fi, and a relaxing atmosphere. The staff at the shop is helpful and fluent in English.

The DABORODA barbershop is located in the middle of Kiev’s Parikmakherskie district. It is among the largest barbershops in the city and provides a wide range of services. The barbershop provides everything from the most gorgeous volos strizhki to haircuts for men. The shop also has free Wi-Fi which is not often found in this part of the city.

The top haircuts for males in Kiev are also provided by the DABORODA barbershop. No matter if you require an update, a haircut, style, or an entire overhaul, Daboroda will get you looking and feeling great. Daboroda offers a broad selection of beauty and hair services, including facials and massages. It’s also a great place to receive a free strizhki. You’ll get the most out of your hair thanks to Vidal Sassoon London technology.

The Daboroda barbershop also has excellent selection of men’s fragrances and other men’s grooming products, as well as an men’s hair care product called “Savage.” If you’re looking to freshen your appearance or maintain your style and style, the Daboroda Barbershop in Kiev has you covered. You’ll feel at ease taking care of your hair with the help of friendly staff and a range of products. This is the ideal place to get your hair styled in Kiev. It’s an excellent option in case you’re looking to make a big impression. It’s guaranteed to be lots of fun.


Barbershop LUMBERJACK, located on Oleksandra Myshuhy Street 7a in Kyiv is a salon with a premium feel that provides beard trimming with shaved sides, as well as an atmosphere based on whiskey. In addition to the regulars the barbershop also provides Gold and Bronze card rewards along with drinks and mind games.

Moovit, a comprehensive transit app that is available across all major platforms makes it simple to get to Barbershop LUMBERJACK. With Moovit users can check out the shortest route from their current location to Barbershop LUMBERJACK as well as the closest train station. It’s easy to find out which direction to travel in and the app can give a list of alternative routes in case the first one isn’t working .

The Moovit app will let you know exactly what you can expect, from a list with the most popular bars to the top boutiques. It’s not difficult to see why Moovit has an average 4.6-star rating from 400 unique visitors, and is the best way to find the best places to go in Kyiv. Try Moovit for no cost today and discover why thousands of people use it to get from A to B. It’s the smartest and most efficient way to explore the city and get around. The mobile app of Moovit is free and provides directions to Barbershop LUMBERJACK right from your smartphone. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants to discover the city’s finest brews, shops, restaurants and nightlife.


There are plenty of options for residents and tourists to choose from while visiting Kiev. They offer a professional shave and a fresh cut. They also offer a wide variety of atmospheres and prices. They are famous for their firm handshakes and friendly conversations.

One of the most well-known barber shops in Kiev is the Frisor barbershop. They are the largest men’s hairdressing chain in Ukraine and have several salons in other countries which include Poland, Austria, and Ukraine.

They have received numerous awards for their service and work. They offer consultations and hair care advice, as well as a complete range of procedures. High-quality haircuts are offered by their barbers who make use of the latest technology.

In addition to haircuts They also offer beard trims and mind games. Vidal Sassoon London techniques are employed by their barbers. They also offer free drinks and discounts. They have four locations in Kiev. They also sell Bronze cards, Silver cards, and Gold cards. You can also enjoy an atmosphere with whiskey. The staff speaks English and a majority of them will be happy to assist you with haircuts.

The barbershop culture in Ukraine is growing quickly. A barber school recently opened in Kiev. The barbers there will teach you about the historical background of haircuts for men. The haircut itself is simple but its classic style will enhance your appearance and enhance your appearance. You can choose among a variety of styles that include a neck cut with a shorter length and temples, a classic comb over or an extended shave. Relaxation and unobtrusive services are also available. You can also seek advice and discounts from the staff.

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